Hypnobirthing the Confident Childbirth Way –
discover the birth that’s right for you

I’m totally passionate about hypnobirthing. It’s just so rewarding seeing a mum-to-be grow in confidence and start to take control of her emotions, so she can meet the challenge of childbirth with a wonderfully calm assurance.

I am a fully qualified, certified hypnobirther, using the Confident Childbirth technique and am also able to draw on my training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist to give you extra help where necessary. Whether you are going to be a new mum or have previous birth experience, I can help you release any negative emotions, beliefs and anxieties, so you can prepare in the most positive way and look forward to the birth that’s right for you.

Your personalised course

It’s very important to me to be able to offer a high standard of service. All of my clients have different beliefs, experience and needs, so I believe that their time spent with me should reflect this. By offering appointments only for individuals and couples, I ensure that your course is entirely tailored to your requirements. I am happy to visit you in your home for this special service or you can come to either of my practices in Highgate, North London or Leeds. You can choose to take these classes at any time in your pregnancy right up to delivery …

- Learn self-hypnosis to aid relaxation and positivity, and how to tailor it to your specific needs at any time in your pregnancy.
- Learn a variety of powerful and entirely natural pain control techniques.
- Receive personalised hypnosis MP3s to enjoy at home.
- Experience guided visualisations to build your confidence.

If you would like to enjoy the full benefit of these techniques it is recommended to complete a four session course, or together we can tailor the sessions to suit your needs.

Discover the benefits


- By starting to practise your self-hypnosis at home you’ll quickly find that you can start to relax more, see your confidence grow and feel more excited about the future as you mentally rehearse for labour.
- You may discover improved and deeper sleep, which could leave you more refreshed to cope with the physical and mental challenges.
- You’ll start to practise your pain-control techniques at home so you can find those that work best for you during delivery.

During Delivery

- Research shows that those prepared with hypnobirthing could enjoy shorter labours than those who haven’t.
- The more relaxed you are, the more you’ll be able to let your birthing muscles do the job they were designed for. And as you relax, the body releases its own natural anaesthetics – endorphins and enkephalins, whilst you remain awake and in control.
- Using your new pain-control techniques and visualisations, you’ll be able to feel fully involved in labour whilst managing the intensity of the sensations. Recent research shows that women prepared with hypnobirthing are less likely to need chemical painkillers.
- Research also shows that interventions such as Caesarean, forceps or ventouse are less likely. However, as a complementary therapy, hypnobirthing is of course not designed to replace medical intervention where in the best interests of baby or mother.
- By being more relaxed and confident, you’ll also be able to communicate your needs more effectively with your medical team.


- You could look forward to a quicker recovery, including a shorter hospital stay and a reduced risk of post-natal depression.
- Hypnobirth babies can be better sleepers and feeders, due to the more relaxed way in which they have been brought into this world.
- You’ll be able to use your new self-hypnosis skills to help you relax as you cope with the new routine of family life and at any time thereafter!


A course of four sessions costs £350 or you can take individual modules tailored to your needs for £95 per session.

Please feel free to make a no obligation enquiry – call me on 07970 190 582 or email me using the form below.

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